A new app aimed to help pair workers to jobs set to launch October 5

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - A constant headache for business men or women is finding good temporary help, in a pinch.

"People call out all the time, things happen and you need the ability to get someone in there quickly," says Diana Gallagher.

And with a few swipes of a finger, someone is hired to fill the gap.

"You can place the order and get a person quickly- within an hour and a half," says Gallagher.

The pilot program by Appleton learning called Role Call. "[It's] focused on local workers and businesses in our community to try and help them connect to find the work that interested them- and businesses to fill gaps in their works force," says CEO Adam Campbell.

Diana Gallagher is the catering sales manager for a local hotel, with more than 30 years experience in the hospitality field.

"The app itself is a really great idea. It will notify you when your people show up- when they leave and if they have a problem," says Gallagher.

The pilot program was so successful- a entirely new business separate from Appleton was started- called SPUR. They`re creating the app to be better than before- making everything a little more visible, without a username and password.

Gallagher has given her input on the app since the start of the pilot. "I`ve been able to provide some positive feedback- about changes that could make the application work smoother."

But one thing she wouldn`t change is how much easier it`s made hiring a temporary employee.

The new app will be launching on October 5 in Huntsville and Nashville with the hopes of eventually expanding nationally.