Double homicide on “quiet” Limestone County street leaves residents shaken

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. - The Limestone County Sheriff's Office is investigating an apparent double homicide at a home on Analicia Drive on Thursday.

The Sheriff's Office identified the victims as 21-year-old Damian Blake Ricketts of Hazel Green and 22-year-old Devin Edward Richard of Huntsville.

The murder investigation has left neighbor Matthew Smith in disbelief. "We moved out here, in 1991 or 1992, I mean this has always been a quiet street. It's shocking, nothing like this ever happens," Smith explained.

Smith only remembers one other time when law enforcement was called out to this neighborhood. "One time someone's vehicle got broken into, probably about 10 years ago."

Now, investigators are trying to determine how two young men ended up dead in a driveway they didn't belong in.

Investigators say that when the homeowner discovered the vehicle in his driveway, he approached the car and found the two young men dead, so he called 911.

Matthew Smith said his father was leaving for work, when he saw the mystery vehicle in a driveway. "He actually drove past it. He didn't think anything about it. He said 'I noticed something strange. I saw a car with somebody's leg hanging out the side of it.' He thought someone was just reaching in to grab something."

Deputies were still at the scene when Matthew Smith returned home from work.

As of now, the investigators aren't sure why the vehicle ended up in that driveway. They said there's no relation to the homeowner and the two men found dead inside.