Step into bad weather with no fear of wet shoes

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When you don’t want to get your feet or shoes wet, what can you do?

Drysteppers are footwear covers that are advertised as being used to protect your shoes from bad weather, mud, and even sand.

Wearing them is easy,  just slide your foot in with your shoe on, zip it up, and pull the elastic drawstring to seal in dryness! They are essentially high-quality, flexible plastic bags with non-slip waterproof soles.

We put them to the puddle test and the Drysteppers proved their claim of being waterproof.

They come in different sizes and designs, and to test the versatility of the Drysteppers we even tried them on while wearing some dramatic wedges. But hey, they still covered them up and kept them dry!

They’re reusable and easy to clean. You simply rinse them and let them air dry. We're not saying they'll be the world's next fashion trend, but the Drysteppers are definitely a great way to keep your feet and shoes dry!

Deal or Dud verdict: Deal!