Rainsville makes improvements to a dangerous intersection at Highway 35

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RAINSVILLE, Ala. - Highway 35 and Love Road is a dangerous Rainsville intersection that's finally getting some attention. "I've seen multiple wrecks up here," said resident Zane Mitchell.

It concerns many residents. "We've voiced our concerns to several people, but nothing has ever been done about it," said Mitchell.

That is until now. "We have a caution light coming up the mountain right before you get to it and one going towards Fort Payne," said Mayor Roger Lingerfelt.

The new leadership in City Hall said this intersection was on their to do list as soon as they took office last fall. "Representative Ledbetter and Senator Livingston behind us in this worked with John Cooper with the state in putting up signage just trying to slow people down," said Mayor Lingerfelt.

Too many accidents and even fatalities have occurred here. "We're just trying to make it safer for everybody that comes through there."

Many are excited about the improvements. "I'm very glad and I'm proud for the city of Rainsville to have the administration that we have," said Mitchell. "They take measures that will ensure that our citizens are protected."