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The Cap and Gown Project in need of sponsors for college tours

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - School is back in session! Not only for students, but also The Cap and Gown Project, a non-profit serving high school students from low-income families in Huntsville.

The organization is getting ready to host one of its biggest campaigns of the year.

One of the programs within the Cap and Gown Project gives students the opportunity to visit colleges around the country. The non-profit will start a campaign on Thursday, September 7, to collect donations for college tours.

The executive director is Huntsville City Councilman, Devyn Keith. He says this is just one way to help Huntsville students.

"If we give them an opportunity to see schools they could go to for free, they probably would apply there and have a potential better outcome," said Devyn Keith.

The non-profit hosts a summer STEM institute, ACT prep and tutoring during the school year. Keith says these resources will set the students up for success, like others did for him.

"I'm one of those kids," said Keith. "I was introduced to Vanderbilt and places like Samford University through people who said, 'You need to consider this. Not just to play football, but also for what could come of your degree.'"

Keith says, the goal is to give students the opportunity to see a place beyond where they normally would not have access.