Hurricane Harvey floods Houston airports, strands local passengers

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The only flights in and out storm-ravaged Houston right now are carrying much-needed supplies.

United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines and American Airlines each say they've airlifted supplies into or people out of the city since Hurricane Harvey hit on Friday.

With those limited exceptions, Houston's two airports remained closed to passenger air travel. On Tuesday afternoon, the Federal Aviation Administration issued flight restrictions over the greater Houston area.

Those canceled flights have affected thousands, including one woman from Madison, who traveled to Houston last week and has been trying to get home for 4 days.

Desiree Juarez flew from Huntsville to Houston last Wednesday. "I came over to go to a concert with my friend."

That concert was scheduled for Friday night, but just hours before the first note, it was canceled.

Shortly after that came heavy rain. Hurricane Harvey had arrived.

Desiree was supposed to fly out of Houston on Saturday morning, in time to get to work that afternoon. But with roads closed and the George Bush International Airport flooded, her flight was canceled.

"Then I rescheduled for Monday. And then I got notified Sunday that Monday's flight was canceled," she explained.

Desiree's flights have been rescheduled four times. Now she hopes to hit the skies on Friday. She's keeping her fingers crossed the runway in Houston will stay dry enough to get her back here to Huntsville.

In the meantime, Desiree is staying with a friend and admits she's lucky. They are in a second story apartment, safe and dry.

She said they "still have got plenty of water, plenty of food, we're good for a few more days. Really, just being positive is the main thing."

That positivity is key here, the earliest she will get home is Friday.

Are you worried that you're upcoming travel plans will be affected?

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