Some perennials are triggered to bloom in the late summer and fall

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Spring and summer are the seasons for plants to be lush and blooming, but as our temperatures start to cool down and we start turning to fall, a lot of these plants begin to fade and finish.  However there are some perennials that recognize this time of year as the time to begin blooming.  Here are few of these varieties.

Anemone has lush foliage throughout the summer, but only blooms in the fall with long-stemmed flowers.  Chelone, also called Turtle Head, blooms late in the summer and tolerates extra moist soil.  Another perennial called Red Hot Poker has a grass-like foliage with a fiery orange flower.  Sedum is a succulent that requires very little care in the summer and begins its blooming in the fall.  Blue Mist is similar to butterfly bush, but only blooms from late summer to fall.  Finally, Helenium kicks in in late summer and blooms its button-like buds and daisy flowers.

Not only do all of these perennials come back year after year in the fall, but they're great for late feeding pollinators, like butterflies and bees, so make sure to have a few in your garden.



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