Redstone Arsenal workers make Army success in Europe possible

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- U.S. Army Europe has a big responsibility. "Our mission is to help deter further aggression and maintain the peace within Europe," said Major General Timothy McGuire, the Deputy Commander for U.S. Army Europe, who spent time this week at Redstone Arsenal's Army Materiel Command.

That is a big responsibility, since the 300 thousand soldiers of cold war days, down to some 30 thousand today.  The job though, is the same. "So our mantra is to make 30 thousand look like 300 thousand," said Major General McGuire.

Among the ways the Army does that is by rotating units and their gear in and out of Europe. That accomplishes two things said Major General McGuire. It's good practice, and it sends a message to any potential adversaries that the Army can respond to a threat.  Something else the Army is doing is prepositioning stocks of equipment.  All the gear needed by an Army Division is on hand, and waiting for soldiers, should there be a crisis. "So, is my confidence that we can accomplish the mission over time? Absolutely, but the more we can plan together, the more that we can work ahead of time, just buys down that risk and makes sure we are prepared for all contingencies that are out there," said Major General McGuire.

Answering all the contingencies takes a lot of different things. Among them is Army Aviation. The scope of that effort, is huge. "they are operating from
Estonia in the north, to Bulgaria in the south...operating in areas that during the cold war, they were behind the iron curtain, but they are now allies and part of the NATO team," said the General.

Keeping all the American forces in Europe supplied as they work with allies ultimately depends on work by the people at the Army Materiel Command at Redstone Arsenal.  Making sure that relationship stays strong is one reason Major General McGuire spent time at Redstone Arsenal. "The Army Materiel Command making sure the repair parts are there...ammunition, whatever we need. It's just a phenomenal team that we are proud to serve alongside," said Major General Timothy McGuire.

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