City leaders host community meeting to discuss the future use of J.O. Johnson High property

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  For the people who live in north Huntsville, changes could be coming to the property where the former J.O. Johnson high school currently sits.

On Tuesday, August 29, Councilman Devyn Keith is hosting a community meeting with the city, to discuss potential redevelopment.

Students once walked the halls and now, it's only members of the city's public safety training unit.

"If you look around the locale, its surrounded by homes...there's only so many things you can sort of put that has a one way entrance and a one way out," said Keith. "So we have to ask ourselves as well, not only what the zoning is, but how will the things we put there affect the housing around it?"

One thing that will stay...the gym.

"People will be a little excited to hear what's going to go on in that gym and the renovations that will start next year for that gym and it will be more of a wellness center," said Keith.

Keith wouldn't reveal many details; people can see those for themselves on Tuesday.

Although, he says one idea is similar to an existing, thriving development in the city.

"We really will be sort of selling off, giving, or working with private developers who do a number of things," said Keith. "We've done something similar to this in another part of town and it's been extremely successful."

The community meeting will be held in the J.O. Johnson auditorium on Tuesday, August 29th beginning at 6 p.m.

To read more about the city's plan visit their blog.

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