The VeggiChop is crankin’ to save you time in the kitchen!

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The VeggiChop is a hand-powered food chopper that can chop your fruit, veggies, boneless meats, nuts or herbs into large chunks, or even a puree, all depending on exactly how you want it.

To help us put it to the test we recruit Christi, a veggie-lover, who has plenty of experience spending a lot of time chopping vegetables in the kitchen.  "My family and I try to eat pretty clean," Christi said. "We eat a lot of cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, onions, there’s a lot of vegetable chopping going on around here!"

Our first test is with a versatile veggie-- the red bell pepper. We make a few rough chops so it will fit, toss it in, lock the top, and crank!

After a few crank pulls Christi said, "There's some larger chunks in there but it did a pretty good job."

Cleaning the VeggiChop is surprisingly easy. The few simple parts rinse off easily and are dishwasher safe.

And compared to other choppers, the VeggiChop makes sure nothing goes unchopped. "A lot of times other choppers, especially a food processor or something, don't have anything that sweeps the bottom of the bowl, to throw everything up and makes sure it gets chopped."

We tried plenty of vegetables individually, and depending on how coarse or fine you want the chop, it gets the job done in a few or many pulls.

Our final test was to put several ingredients in at one time to create a salsa. It required some extra pulls to make it more of a salsa and less of a pico de gallo, but it worked!

The VeggiChop even comes with a lid that you can place directly on the chopping bowl and save for later.

Deal or Dud verdict: Deal!