Jackson County offers a new spay and neuter service for those who can’t afford it

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala - Unwanted animals are overcrowding shelters and the streets in Jackson County. The Scottsboro Jackson County shelter believes they may have a solution for the problem.

A pet owner problem has turned into a Jackson County issue. "It's so needed in this county. There are people that want to have their pets fixed, but can't afford to," said Heather Carlin, Director of the shelter.

Too many unwanted animals are roaming the streets of Scottsboro and other Jackson County cities. "Overpopulation is a huge problem," said Carlin. County officials said this is mostly due to a lack of affordable spaying and neutering for pets.

With the help of donations, they have created a funding project to help those who can't afford their own pet's spay and neuter procedure. "Anybody that makes under $40,000 dollars a year in annual household income can apply."

Pet owners will pay a $40 dollar copay for their dog and a $30 dollar copay for their cat. "A normal spay runs $120, so the $40 dollar copay pays for the surgery and the rabies."

The rabies shot is required by the law. It's a project that friends of the Scottsboro Jackson County Animal shelter have worked on for six months. "I am ecstatic. This has been a dream for me for a while and we're finally able to achieve it."

Applications are now available at the shelter and their website.