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Large crowd at Big Spring Park to view the eclipse

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A lot of people were looking up at the sky today in scenic locations they traveled from all over to get to. But several people just went to Big Spring Park to enjoy the view right here at home.

Many of them simply wanting to enjoy time with family, friends, and watch the solar eclipse.

Sandra Juarez came out with her daughter. "I went to work for a little bit, came out and thought 'I need to enjoy the day and come out.' I mean when else are we going to be able to come out and enjoy another Solar Eclipse? We are going to be dead by then!" Sandra Juarez said.

The Steven's family said they had to be a part of seeing the eclipse for the science aspect of it. "Yeah we read a couple of articles by NASA. We are just kind-of-a geeky family, so we do all kinds of geeky things in Huntsville," The Steven's Family said.

Charles Humphrey came out to take pictures. It's been his passion for the last 40 years. He used to use a bigger camera, but his bad health has forced him to change things.

Though sick, he still gets out and takes pictures. "It just will not stop me from taking pictures, or doing photography. I may be limited on what I can do, but still the passion for it. It's still a joy," Humphrey said.

He didn't have the special lens to take pictures of the eclipse, but he wanted to capture it getting darker. He said it's something he will never forget.

As the eclipse happened, everyone's eyes were glued to the sky. The phenomenon did more than just make Big Spring Park dark, it brought the community together.