Tropical Storm Harvey Dissipates Saturday night, but could redevelop later this week

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What was Tropical Storm Harvey is now considered an open wave. That means The system is no longer organized enough to be considered a tropical storm.

Saturday night an Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft found that there was no closed circulation with the storm. The system is still producing winds up to 35 mph as it moves west across the Caribbean Sea. While the system is battling wind shear and dry air right now, it could get another chance to develop down the road.

If the system holds together, then by Wednesday of next week the remnants of Harvey will be approaching the Yucatan Peninsula. If the system manages reemerge over the Bay of Campeche, then redevelopment would be possible.

In the meantime, there are two other ‘disturbances’ in the Atlantic to keep an eye on. Both have a very low chance of development over the next few days (The National Hurricane Center gives each disturbance around a 10%–20% chance of development). We’ll be watching the Atlantic closely now as we head into the more active part of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, which usually occurs from late August through early October.