Madison Police Department changes policy regarding Three Springs

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MADISON, Ala. --Madison Police say they believe the homicide from last week was committed by two teens who were residing in the Three Springs facility. This has spurred officials to step up security and protocols.

Most notably, the recent community outcry has prompted the Madison Police Department to implement a new policy, effective immediately.

"Any runaway, missing person, or escapee from the Three Springs facility treatment on Browns Ferry Road in our jurisdiction, shall be publicly broadcast via nixle," said Chief David Jernigan.

Chief Jernigan encourages the public to sign up for those nixle alerts.

"The website is You can go onto that site, you can put your mobile device information, email or telephone number, in the zip code here in Madison," he explained.

He said residents can subscribe to the alerts, which come from their dispatch. After facing criticism over the lack of communication last week, the alerts will hopefully help close that gap a little bit.

"It's one thing to be fast, it's another thing to be accurate. We'll put out descriptive information, direction of travel, safety information for what we think the public needs to know, and we can push that out fairly quickly," said Chief Jernigan.

District Two Madison County Commissioner Steve Haraway said the most important thing is for the public to feel safe, and the best way to do that is getting information to them.

"Communicate with them, let them know whats going so they can be aware. There's a lot of cases where if the public knows what's going on they can help out the police department,  if they see something or they spot something," he said.

If you aren't signed up for nixles, it might be a good idea to look into it. They alert subscribers to all kinds of things, like accidents and closed roads. They also keep you up-to-date with relevant information relating to public safety departments and schools in your area.