Jackson County Commission Chairman announces resignation, Governor to appoint replacement

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - The commission chair of Jackson County is leaving his position after five years of service. Matthew Hodges made the announcement just moments ago.

Hodges will work through the month of September before leaving for a new position in Huntsville. "This county deserves a full-time chairman," said Hodges. He believes this new position will keep him from being able to devote the necessary time to the county.

Hodges says he wants to remain involved in the community, even after he steps down.

Hodges addressed his resignation letter to Governor Kay Ivey. It read:

It is with great humility and difficulty that I offer my letter of resignation from the position of chairman of the Jackson County Commission with an anticipated resignation date of September 30th. I have enjoyed my past five years of service to my county and my combined 15 years of service to my community. I recently received a job offer that I ultimately felt I could not turn down. The responsibilities of this new position will take substantial time away from serving as chairman. The time required to devote to these new responsibilities lead me to the conclusion that I should resign if I am to pursue this new long-term opportunity. I simply cannot devote the time necessary to do the job of chairman in a manner that the people of Jackson County deserve.

I must say a sincere thank you to the citizens of my community for allowing me to serve for so many years. It has been an honor. Public service remains in my blood and while I must step out of my role as a chairman at this time, I sincerely hope that another opportunity to serve the public will present itself in the future. Regardless, I hope to remain an active member of my community and continue to work to make it a better place to live.

I understand that It will be the governor's role to appoint an individual to fulfill my term. If I can be of any assistance in that process of in any other manner during my remaining weeks I will be glad to do so. Thank you, Governor, for your consideration of this letter and for your dedicated service to our state.