Make the most of your container garden with these tips

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Container gardening is a great way to save space and add some variety to your garden.  With the right planning and care, you can plant your containers in the spring, watch it thrive through the summer, and have full, beautiful plants coming into the fall.  Here are the three big tips for your container plants.

  1. Size:  Make sure your container is large enough and can hold enough soil to allow the plants to grow.  If the container is to small, your flowers will suffer during the summer months.
  2. Water and Drainage: It's important to make sure that your plants are getting the water they need, but equally important is to ensure proper drainage.  Choose a container that has holes in the bottom to release excess water.
  3. Fertilizer: In order for these plants to get large and full, fertilize them regularly.  Slow release fertilizer in the soil at planting and then fertilizer in the water each week will help them grow big and beautiful.

Keep these tips in mind when you're doing a container garden, and you'll have success in growing gorgeous full plants.


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