The EZzz Travel Pillow claims to be the sleepy traveler’s dream

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The EZzz Travel Pillow may just change the way you sleep on flights and other forms of transportation. This inflatable pillow is designed to support the necks and backs of sleepy travelers.

The pillow comes in a small convenient pack so it can easily fit right into a carry on bag and was surprisingly easy to inflate!

This travel pillow boasts about all the possibilities for sleeping positions, depending on what makes you comfortable. You can stick your arms through the open sides and rest your head on its side, or flat down in the opening on the pillow's surface.

We tested the EZzz Travel Pillow on several people and many liked the idea of the pillow, but just couldn't find a comfortable position!

The consensus was unanimous: For $30, the EZzz Travel Pillow was not comfortable for the back or neck.

Deal or Dud verdict: Dud

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