As customers search for eclipse eyewear, stores rush to keep it in stock

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Sites across the Tennessee Valley and into Tennessee will be prime places to view the Great American Solar Eclipse.

As the eclipse approaches, the rush to get safe viewing eyewear has intensified. Amazon recently recalled glasses and issued refunds to some customers. Click here to find out how to determine if yours are safe.

Meanwhile, the hunt was on for glasses for many customers who just couldn't seem to find them.

"About a month ago, I wasn't really interested," lamented Leslie Hendley. "But now, it is like a full time job trying to find them!"

She wasn't giving up.

"I've been four different places, and started following people on Facebook looking for announcements," she said.

Eventually the search led her to Star Market in Five Points.

"I'm feeling great, we are ready to go!" she said. "It's one of those things that only comes around every so often."

Sam Dunlap was affected by the Amazon recall, but he stumbled upon Star Market's offering without as much difficulty.

"I just kind of wandered in here today, and they just happened to be selling them," he explained.

Huntsville Star Market and its other sister stores, Hunnington and Propst, will carry the glasses throughout the week. They will get two more shipments of 5,000 glasses and will sell them while supplies last.

The response has been surprising to Steve Hammer, the stores' General Merchandiser.

"Definitely!" he said. "We've had calls from Gadsden. DeKalb County. Athens. Decatur." He added, "The excitement has been great. And please, don't hesitate to let us know if you're coming from some far away place. We want to know."

For Star Market, finding the glasses to sell has been "hard but not impossible," Hammer said.

It required a little extra for shipping; Star had to overnight some shipments, he said.

"We'll do what it takes for our customers. We are used to going above and beyond," he said.

But he noticed the price from suppliers increased as the eclipse looms.

"You'll see they're more expensive than they were earlier in the week."

Star is posting updates to its Facebook page if you're interested on how their sales are going.

Meanwhile, eclipse viewers hope the view is worth the fight to get their hands on a pair of viewing glasses.

"We'll see, we'll see," said Hendley. "I hope it lives up to the hype."

"I hope it doesn't rain!" Hammer exclaimed. "It's something that I think everybody can share."

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