Residents of Wannville are in desperate need of public water

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WANNVILLE, Ala. - The Jackson County community of Wannville has drinking water issues.

"When we first moved here it was fine. Toward the end of the year last year, it started getting cloudy. It had a really bad sulfur smell to it and it just got worse and worse ever since," says Chase Higdon, a resident.

This is the reality for several of the residents in Wannville that use wells. Last year, Jackson County got a grant to fund public water lines for a portion of the community.

"We've continued to have a massive amount of requests for water in that area. We're pursuing another grant to try to extend the water lines that we've already placed out there," says Commissioner Matthew Hodges.

Clean water is just one concern. "We had to spend seven thousand dollars on a filter unit," says Higdon. "You know the cost of that filter unit puts a real hurting on me and my family." He worries about his children. "I got three kids in the house and having them take showers in the dirty water, it just doesn't make you feel real good as a  parent."

Having no water at all also became a possibility, all thanks to last year's drought. "Definitely made people think 'maybe we need to see what we can do to get public water out here.' So this is incredibly important to our citizens," says Commissioner Hodges.

The Jackson County Commission says they're preparing to submit an application for a grant to extend the public water. They hope to have everything submitted by the end of the year.