Take the step

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Take the step.

It’s hard.

It’s scary.

You haven’t exercised in God knows when.

You haven’t broken a sweat in God knows when.

You have a sedentary lifestyle you know will kill you.

And you know you have to do something.

You have to do something to stop the ticking on the bomb that will explode if you don’t.

It may be a clot. It may be several clots. It may be diabetes. It may be your blood pressure.

But it’s all a ticking time bomb.

The first step is telling your doctor you are getting in shape and get his blessings.

His blessings? He may give you a high five.

All you have to do after that is take a step.

Do what you can do.

It is ten steps. Do ten steps.

Do 12 steps the next day.

If you can walk one minute, then walk 90 seconds the next day.

Try, just this one meal, to cut something out that adds to your calorie count.

Maybe it’s butter.

Maybe it’s bread.

Maybe it’s both.

Maybe you can do it two meals.

Maybe you can do it two meals and walk 90 seconds today.

Take the first step.

Rita Hutcheson Cobbs, Madison Clark-Bennett, and Brook Pate did that. They took the first step.

Rita lost over 300 pounds.

Madison lost over 150. Gained 90. Found something she loved and has lost 70 of that.

Brook will lose over 200.

You can do this.

You can change your life today.

But taking the first step …

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