Mount Carmel Elementary teacher uses “flexible seating” in the classroom

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -- One kindergarten teacher at Madison County's Mount Carmel Elementary does things a little differently.  Her kindergarten students are doing things you usually don't see till second and third grade.

For kindergarten teacher, Benita Moyers, her students have whats called "flexible seating."

"It just really kept the kids engaged because that's important," Moyers said. "We don't want them getting off task and being bored. We want them actively engaged so they're actively learning and I think that was the key. They were more excited about what they were doing and so they paid more attention."

Through research and discussion with friends, Moyers decided "flexible seating" would be a great option for her students and others have followed her lead.

Moyers says the flexible seating is also helping with mastering other skills well above a kindergartener's grade level-- like cursive writing.

"We were blown away, honestly," Moyers said. "I thought maybe we would get through lower case, but we got through lower case and capital and then they were writing paragraphs at the end because their thoughts were freed to think about what they wanted to write. They weren't so worried about what they were writing and their hand was just flowing naturally like their body was designed to do."

For Mrs. Moyers, new methods are just another way to do what she's always done, teach her students.