Fight forces Insanity Complex to close early over the weekend

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MADISON, Ala. – Insanity Skate Complex was forced to shut down over the weekend after reports of a fight broke out. There have been a lot of questions flying around about what happened and many people have reached out to us for answers.

We spoke with the complex's general manager Brenda Buschmann to get them. "Apparently what happened was, about 10:30 Saturday night a fight broke out. It appears to be more of a confrontation than fight," Buschmann explained.

The security team told her the fight involved two teenage girls. She said it all started when one of the teenage girls walked up to the reception desk. "It was apparent that this young lady was going to be bullied or harassed by another young lady that had just formed a group around her," Buschmann explained.

She said her security team knew what was about to happen, so they took the girl outside. "They were able to get her out, and around  into the office to secure her. We kept her safe until her parents arrived," Buschmann said.

She said the stories floating around about the complex are false. "There were no gun shots, there's no evidence of any gun. I think that is rumors. I've talked to police officers, there's no record what so ever of gun shots," Buschmann said.

She said the crowd on Saturday night wasn't a typical one and fights are something they will not tolerate. She said they have already stepped up security with off duty police officers and they also have a private security team.

She said on Fridays and Saturdays, they always have extra security on hand. We reached out to the Madison Police Department about this situation, but have not heard back from them.