Local organizations host events in response to Charlottesville’s “Unite the Right Rally”

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala – On Sunday many people gathered in Big Spring Park to have a candlelight vigil for Charlottesville. Many people in attendance say they are still trying to wrap their heads around what took place in Virginia.

The "Stand With Charlottesville Candlelight Vigil" was put on by the organization Indivisible. It was a way for people to honor the three victims and several others injured during the "Unite the Right Rally".

Faith in Action Alabama also held a press conference in response to the rally in Charlottesville. Clergy leader Keith Ellison said watching what took place in Virginia proved America still has some racial lines that need to be crossed.

"I really begin to think that there's still a smaller percentage of persons in American that operate out of ignorance and racism. I think those two foster one another," Ellison said.

Racism is something his organization fights everyday. "We are trying to promote unity, understanding and harmony," Ellison explained.

He said people can't let events like this scare them away from living their truth. "Never allow the activities of people who are evil to ever place you in a position of fear, because of our faith, because of what me believe in, and for doing the right thing," Ellison said.