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University of North Alabama issues aggressive response to allegations they covered up a professor’s sexual assault of a student

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FLORENCE, Ala. – The University of North Alabama released a statement in response to allegations in a lawsuit that the university covered up the sexual assault of a student by a professor on a school trip.

The statement says, “The University vehemently disputes the allegations in Jane Doe’s lawsuit. UNA will vigorously defend against those claims in litigation.”

The lawsuit claimed a professor sexually assaulted a female student multiple times on a university trip to Orlando for a competition. The lawsuit says that more than one student reported inappropriate contact, including providing pictures of one of the incidents. The suit also claims that the university did not take a formal report, allowed the professor in question to serve out his contract, and told the victim she should avoid downtown Florence, since the professor had been seen hanging out there.

The allegations are lengthy, and you can read them here.

In their response to the lawsuit, the university goes on the offensive against the student, writing, “One of the privileges of our legal system is that courts are open to all citizens. Our courts are even open to those who may misuse their right to initiate litigation for the purpose of extorting money with baseless allegations calculated to damage reputations and inflame public opinion.”

We have included the full statement below.