Taking Action and Getting Results for Gibson’s BBQ

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - One of Huntsville's most iconic restaurants reached out to us for help with a problem recently. Gibson's BBQ on the Parkway switched internet providers. But their new service provider tried to saddle them with more service and equipment than they needed, or wanted. And then the bills came in.

Gibson's BBQ has been a part of the Huntsville landscape for more than 60 years. Earlier this year, they decided to switch telephone and internet service providers.

“AT&T came in with a great price. We've been really happy with the service we received from AT&T,” says restaurant co-owner Art Sanford.

But shortly after making the switch, a huge box arrived. It was full of electronic tablets, like iPads.

“We have 10 of them, for a purpose for which I have no use,” Sanford explained.

The tablets were intended to replace the paper pads Art's waitresses use to take customer's orders.

“But for our style, we prefer to write."

Art called the folks at AT&T and says they told him it was part of his package, and he didn't have to use the tablets if he didn't want to. And they didn’t. The box was put away and almost forgotten, until the bills arrived, including a separate bill for the tablets.

When he called them back, they told him there would be a $1,500 fee to cancel that part of the service agreement and the return of the tablets.

That's when he called us. We went straight to AT&T’s corporate offices in Atlanta and explained the problem. It took a couple of days but they got it fixed.

When we went back to see Art on Friday, he was ecstatic. "I talked to AT&T on the phone today and the rep, who was super nice, said they were going to take the tablets back, no cost to us, plus refund us any monies associated with the tablets. So looks like everything's gonna work out great,” Art told us. He added, “I’d like to tell AT&T they've done a great job and I hope they keep their customer service up, and also I want to thank Channel 19, Al Whitaker, for helping us out with this issue. Without him, we'd still be in limbo."

And then we sat down and had a plate of some of the best BBQ in town.

AT&T declined to be interviewed or make a statement for this story. We wanted to tell them that we appreciate their attitude when we brought the problem to their attention, and we especially appreciate the expedient manner in which they worked to get it resolved.

If you have an issue you need help with, we're here to take action for you, also. Just send your email to al@whnt.com.

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