Parents have mixed feelings about Madison City Schools dismissing early for eclipse

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MADISON, Ala. – Superintendent Robby Parker announced that Madison City Schools will dismiss early on August 21, for the eclipse. He said the reason behind the early dismissal is because of the children's safety.

When viewing the solar eclipse you have to wear special glasses, or risk facing eye damage. Parker said they've had many of those glasses donated to the schools, but said he can't guarantee some aren't fake. He said there's no way of ensuring children's eyes will not be damaged. Also, they don't have 10,000 pairs of glasses to give out.

Madison City School parent Jill Cyree thinks Parker's decision is great. "I think it will be a great opportunity for them to be at home with their family," Cyree explained.

Many on Facebook agree with Cyree, but not everyone. Some are concerned about what they are going to do with their kids, since they are dismissing early. Parker said he knows many people will be frustrated, but said this why he's making the announcement early before the big event.

He said he can live with the criticism, but couldn't live with knowing a child got permanent eye damage.