Mustang drivers honor 12-year-old Eli Williams with funeral escort

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MADISON, Ala - Those who knew Eli Williams describe him as “a little guy of not many words," says Joseph Scott, President of Limestone County Mustang Club.

That may be because his hobby spoke for him, as car engines rev. “To see that smile flash on his face, you knew he was enjoying seeing and hearing all of our Mustangs as we rolled in," says Scott. “These were like huge hot wheels cars to him.”

Eli became an honorary member of local Mustang Club—attending every car show—and always picking his favorite car. “We had a trophy that we would give out to Eli’s favorites.”

He and his dad, Vic, loved to watch the cars cruise, that was their thing. And on Friday, they got to do that one more time. “A lot of these came out to pay tribute to Eli because he loved their car so much,” says Scott.

Those favorites drove by one by one. “We’re here really, to honor him," says Scott. “It’s special because he touched so many lives.” Through his courage and strength, battling brain cancer since he was 7-years-old.

“It’s a sad occasion because of his passing, but at the same time we’re excited to honor him by doing something like this for him,” says Scott. “He would be smiling, I know that. He would be excited.”

Eli’s Block Party Childhood Cancer Foundation helps raise money and awareness of childhood cancer. If you’d like to learn more about Eli's mission, go here: