JC SkyMiles Rewards App is taking off at James Clemens High School

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MADISON, Ala. - There's a new smart phone app at Madison's James Clemens High School.

"I think it's the perfect way to just connect the whole student body, and we're going to have way more involvement," Michael Bigelow, a senior student, said.

JC SkyMiles Rewards app encourages students to support each other while earning free stuff.

"There's so many different prizes ranging from food to clothes to even Havoc tickets at the end of the year," Kiana Bohanan explained. The James Clemens senior went on to say, "So, there's so many ways we can get rewarded just for doing things we already do."

The app doesn't just get student to more sporting events, but academic meetings and school performances too. "All those other things that you don't necessarily get all the other advertisements about," Bohanan said.

Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Rocky Smith helped develop the app. He said it gets everyone who lives within the school district involved.

"Our fans can update us on scores if they're at an event where we're not, and they can also post pictures to our 'fan cam' so they can share their experiences while they're at our events too," Smith said.

As the students work to earn points by participating, it creates friendly competition and a tight-knit community. James Clemens High School is one of only three schools in the state to use this type of rewards system. Anyone can download the app for free.