Huntsville Police to form Financial Crimes Task Force with IRS, other agencies

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The Huntsville Police Department is working hard to keep you from being a victim of a financial crime.

The department and other agencies across the state, are forming a financial crimes task force with the IRS.

"The financial crime unit is our most recent and newest task force and it's because of the high volume of financial crimes that occur," said Capt. Mike Izzo with the Huntsville Police Department.

Captain Izzo says financial crimes are a lot more common these days.

"With technology advancing, we see a lot more advancement in financial crimes and these aren't your average criminals," said Capt. Izzo. "Some of them are very educated, very smart, and there are ways to figure out how to swindle and move money around."

In addition to the IRS, HPD will work with other agencies in the state in the new financial crimes task force.

Captain Izzo says the crimes cross county and state lines, so working with other agencies will help prosecute offenders.

"With the financial crime unit, it's a great opportunity to work with the other local agencies and the IRS as the lead of the federal task force," said Capt. Izzo. "It gives tools to us to use, different types of software, databases."

From scams over the phone to scams on the internet, the Huntsville Police Department is working to keep you from becoming a victim.