Man’s best friend needs a best friend, and that can be the Hurricane Fur Wizard!

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"I love everything about him, I just wish I didn't have to pick up hair so much."

Those are the words of loving dog owner Ellery Miller. Her particular dog is notorious for his thick, white hair...that just loves to stick to everything it touches.

"Vacuuming doesn't work as well as you think it would," Ellery said. "Lint rollers need to be replaced so often because of how much hair there is and how often I would need to use it, so I don't even mess with lint rollers anymore."

The Hurricane Fur Wizard is a large lint brush that claims to clean up twice as much hair as other methods in half the time. To clean, you simply dip the wizard back into the self-cleaning base, and it comes out ready for more brushing.

Ellery has even given up hope for keeping some pieces of furniture fur-free. "This used to be a human couch, but Ralphie took it over some time ago, so now it's just a jumbo dog bed," she said.

We put the Hurricane Fur Wizard to work, and the micro bristles collected a lot of fur in not a lot of time! When we dipped it back into the base for cleaning, the brush came out fur-free.

The more you use the Hurricane Fur Wizard, the more fur will collect in the base, and eventually you can dispose of the fur from the bottom of the base.

For the ultimate test we dueled Ralphie's white fur against my all-black outfit, and the Hurricane Fur Wizard wiped it all away, just as well if not better than a lint roller.

The Hurricane Fur Wizard costs about $20 and is reusable. The directions note to NOT wash the lint brush with water.

Deal or Dud verdict: Deal!

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