Franklin becomes first hurricane of the Atlantic Season

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We’re 2 months into the Atlantic hurricane season, which began on June 1st, and we now have our first official hurricane of the season.

Hurricane Franklin won’t last long though. The storm strengthened into a hurricane Wednesday evening, after moving over the waters of the Bay of Campeche late Monday. The storm is expected to make landfall over the eastern coast of Mexico by Thursday morning.

Once over the mountainous terrain of Mexico the storm will rapidly weaken. It’s likely to be downgraded to a tropical depression by Thursday afternoon.

That doesn’t mean it can’t cause considerable damage in that short span of time though. The storm will make landfall with sustained winds up to 75 mph and bring torrential rainfall from Veracruz to Tuxpan. Rainfall amount of 4-8 inches are expected, with local amounts over 10″ possible.