Construction on Riverhill School finishes with no time to spare

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FLORENCE, Ala. – It’s coming down to the last seconds. Two years ago Riverhill School made the decision to move from St. Florian to Florence and construct a new campus.

On Wednesday there was a flurry of work happening at the campus. As contractors are cleaning the outside – teachers and staff were organizing inside. Both are preparing for students to be on-campus Thursday morning.

Mary Jane Fowler, Riverhill School

“I didn’t know it, but a couple of months ago the architect and Smith General Contracting people said they never thought we would make it. I said I’m glad you didn’t tell me that,” said Principal Mary Jane Fowler.

Fowler said her stomach has been in knots for weeks. Moving a classroom is one thing, but moving an entire school is a whole other challenge.

Fowler said architects and contractors took great care in keeping the old school's feel, but with modern amenities.

“We are excited, we are blessed, we are very thankful,” stated Fowler. “We are anticipating a great year and a great future. I think the best days of Riverhill School are still to come without a doubt.”

And school leaders are anticipating more growth. The largest non-parochial private school in the Shoals has started adding more classrooms.

“We have more than doubled in the past five years. We have four additional classrooms which are being built as shells right now. They will be finished on the outside and we’ll finish them as we need them,” Fowler explained.

So when 180 Pre-K through Sixth grade students enter the doors Thursday they will begin new traditions while paying homage to the old one’s.

Riverhill School is located on Darby Drive in Florence. The school is tuition based and supported by private donations.