Will changing parties affect Fifth District U.S House Candidate Michael Sweeney’s chances?

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –  It’s not surprising that Huntsville’s Michael Sweeney wants to win the fifth district U.S. House Seat. He announced he was running as a Democrat back in May. The surprise, as he told us in our leadership perspectives interview is that now he now wants to run as a Republican.

The question is how will his attempt to change parties affect his chances.

“Well that’s all you can do is just put your issues out there and your solutions and how you approach things and what’s important to you. You know you can only hope that the people support it. I mean you can’t force anybody to vote for you so that’s my main concern is just putting it out there and being transparent and say this is who I am.”

Candidate for Congress Michael Sweeney also talks about the issues that define his candidacy. You can watch the entire conversation here in three parts.

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