Monaco Theatre customers “left in the dark” in the moments after Saturday’s shooting

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Flashing lights and sirens are normally saved for the silver screen, but Saturday night, it played out in real life.

Lt. Stacy Bates with the Huntsville Police Department said it is early in the investigation, but it appears that an altercation between two people resulted in one person being shot.

Police said that the shooter is not in custody at this time. They have not released a description of the shooter at this time.

As the scenario unfolded Saturday night at Bridge Street Town Centre, many who were watching movies at Monaco Pictures were left in a haze of confusion.

“The movie was almost over with when I noticed everyone’s phone was going off, even mine, because we had the news app," said Shonta Anderson, who was inside Monaco during the shooting that took place outside.

Anderson immediately checked her phone.

“And it was saying there was a shooting outside of the Cinemark," she said.

Yet, the movie played on for another 15 minutes, and no official word came from the theatre.

"They never really let us know what was going on so I guess that was the scary part of it," said Anderson.

Anderson wishes they had gotten some sort of update, because without confirmed information, they were afraid to even leave the theatre once the movie ended.

“We didn’t know if was something like a terrorist attack or if someone was in the movie theatre, so we kind of just stayed in there for a little bit and then we had employees running out just letting us know to be safe," she recalled.

Once they finally walked out of the front of the theatre, she got a glimpse of the crime scene.

“That’s when we seen the clothes on the [ground], it was two pair of shoes and a shirt with blood on it and everything so that’s when I said, oh man this is really serious," said Anderson.

The whole scenario shook Anderson to her core.

"I definitely don’t think I’m going to let my boys come out especially at night, and like I told my husband, we’re not going to actually come out to the late movies," she said.

Moving forward, she hopes the theatre will have a plan in place to keep customers updated on what's going on, because other than watching a movie, she doesn't like to be left sitting in the dark.

“We have families at home, I have kids at home, and just so that we can let people know that we were ok, that we were safe," said Anderson.

We made several attempts to talk to the property manager of Bridge Street Town Centre on camera, but they declined our request for an interview.

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