School Supply Giveaway set for Florence Students on Saturday

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FLORENCE, Ala. – Students in Florence City Schools will be getting a hand-up on Saturday. Corporate partners with the system have provided school supplies for every student.

Hand-truck load after hand-truck load have been unloaded at the school system’s technology center. Cases of notebooks, crayons and binders are ready for distribution.

Connie Wallace, FCS Asst. Superintendent

“We love and value the partnerships we have with all of our people in Florence and around the community,” stated Asst. Superintendent Connie Wallace.

Wallace said these cases of supplies represent partnerships. Publix grocery stores donate school supplies each year for students.

Normally teachers use the supplies as needed in their classrooms, but this year the school system wanted to give them all out at the same time.

“This way we have had an opportunity, we’ve used them for what we needed, but this way it will benefit the whole population of the Florence City Schools,” said Wallace.

So each of the prepackaged bags represent a student and the supplies they will need at the start of school on Thursday. Wallace said they give each student an opportunity at a fresh beginning.

The Back to School Supply Giveaway is only for Florence City Schools students. The giveaway begins at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Florence Technology Center on Riverview Drive and goes through 2 p.m.

Parents of unregistered students can bring their information to the giveaway and register them with the Florence City Schools.