Riley Green, Bret Michaels, and Craig Morgan to perform at Albertville’s free Main Street Music Festival Fri. and Sat.

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. -- Main Street Music Festival is going on Friday afternoon in downtown Albertville, and it starts up again Saturday morning. The event runs into the evening both days with performances from Bret Michaels, Riley Green, Jacob Bryant and Craig Morgan. It's free and open to the public.

The gates open at 4:00 Friday afternoon. Saturday morning the gates open at 9:00. Riley Green will take the stage starting at 6:30 Friday and then Bret Michaels will follow. Jacob Bryant will take the stage after 6:30 Saturday evening and Craig Morgan will perform after that.

The event boasts food, drink and craft vendors. "There's a lot of neat stuff that people bring to sell," explained volunteer Jeannie Courington, "So we try to keep it diverse so you don't just walk through and see an over abundance of one item."

There are also activities for kids during both days of the festival. "We have water parks for the children. We have a baby water park so that the little children can enjoy, all the way up to the big slides for the older children," Courington said, "We're excited to have a zip line. Several different age categories can work that."

There's also a beer garden for adults.

There will be music all day Saturday. "That's a great opportunity to see local talent. That's where we display a lot of the locals that are great artists," Courington explained, "Then we switch to the big stage that night where we start having all of our entertainment for the night."

There are two different stages at the festival, which is centered around downtown Albertville. Parking is available around the festival site.

It takes a lot of hands to put on one of the biggest events in northeast Alabama. "We have this year a little over 300 plus volunteers that are actually volunteering. Plus we have a steering committee of about 15 or 20 so it's a good crowd that's put it together," Courington said.

The event is free each and every year. Sponsors help keep it that way, and it's a way for the City of Albertville to give back. "Our community is a great community," Courington said, "The outlying areas are great supporters of our city and you want to be able to give back to your citizens something and this is our way."