Governor Ivey tours Shoals looking for insight

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FLORENCE, Ala. – Four months after taking over the governor’s office, Kay Ivey has made her first official business trip to northwest Alabama. Governor Ivey spent Friday crisscrossing the Shoals and listening to local leaders.

After a breakfast stop at the Shoals Chamber of Commerce, Governor Ivey hit the streets. Her first stop was the site of the new North Alabama Medical Center in Florence.

The governor said she has one goal for trips like this one across the state.

Governor Kay Ivey, Alabama

“People outside of Montgomery, at least 50-miles outside of Montgomery, are the real people of the state facing opportunities and challenges.”

During her first few months in office, Ivey has had a tremendous number of decisions to make.

With things calming in Montgomery, she has 11-of these trips across Alabama planned.

Governor Ivey calls her road trip the “Listen, Learn, Help and Lead Tour”; four characteristics Ivey calls essential to strong leadership.

“We’ve steadied the ship; it’s time to steer the ship. So what direction should we go in? What’s working, what’s not working, what needs help? So I am here to listen and receive the information that local folks have to offer.”

Governor Ivey said one thing she picked up on during Friday’s trip to the Shoals, a commitment to work-force development. Which will help lead to jobs across northwest Alabama.

During her trip, the governor presented a check of $4-million to the Lauderdale County Commission to assist in building a workforce development center in the county.