Discovery Middle staff prepares for the new school year on a tight rope

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - While Madison students are getting ready to go back to class, the teachers are preparing too.  Although, Madison has a different take on how they get ready to welcome students.

At The Vision Christian Retreat and Conference Center the staff is going through a team-building exercise. Principal Kim Stewart said it will get everyone ready.

"Having an opportunity to be comfortable with one another, get to know one another and understand that we're here for each other helps us because in the classroom we have to be there for each other as we support our students and support each other to meet the needs of our students daily," said Stewart.

Some 60 staff members--new and experienced--participated in the exercises.

"I enjoyed the challenge where we had to move from one platform to the next because it did not look like all 12 of us were going to get on this tiny little platform," said Stewart. "We failed a couple of times, we didn't give up. We revamped, we did it again and eventually we got all 12 on that tiny little box!"

Stewart said the daily challenges the Discovery Middle staff will face this school year--will be like walking a tight rope...but they plan to be ready.