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The Roto Sweep isn’t worth the price when compared to similar products

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The Roto Sweep boasts about being the ultimate hard floor sweeper. It claims to be quiet, lightweight and comes equipped with an easy-to-empty dustpan, all without using any cords or batteries.

In order to put this product to the proper test, we knew we'd have to find a guaranteed mess-maker...and today's guinea pig is actually a dog named Rocky.

"When people come over they pet him and I just see the hair go everywhere, in the air, on the floor," said Sara Beth Barnett, Rocky's owner.

We were both curious to see if the Roto Sweep was up to the challenge.

And to our pleasant surprise, the Roto Sweep worked really well at sweepingĀ the debris into itsĀ dustpan! But it didn't do so well for us under furniture like it claims.

Sweeping up dog food and even sticky string cheese is an easy task.

But when it comes to the supposedly easy-to-empty dustpan, some of the solid debris came out easily, but the pet hair and dust is completely stuck in the Roto Sweep's bristles...and there's only one way to remove hand.

"So it works picking up the hair, but then we have to manually pluck it all out," Sara Beth said. "The pet hair would be the main reason I would buy it, to cut down on my time of cleaning every day. I would use just a broom and dust pan and a just a dry Swiffer mop."

Considering the price tag of almost $30 and comparing it to other options on the market, the Roto Sweep is a dud.

Deal or Dud verdict: Dud