School leaders plan more learning opportunities for Madison students in new school year

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MADISON, Ala. - Some school district's are already back in class, meanwhile, Madison schools get the new year started Monday.

For Madison city students, Superintendent Robby Parker says, the sky is the limit and there are specific areas he wants to improve on this school year.

"One thing that I've asked our staff to do and we're going to do really diligently throughout the year is, I believe that our kids in grades K-6, I believe that our top math students can excel even more than they're excelling now," said Parker.

Parker says Madison math students rank between #2 and #5 in the state and he believes they can do more to grow by offering a more creative curriculum.

The next benchmark - foreign language for all students.

"I want every kid that graduates from Bob Jones or James Clemens, I want them to be fluent in a second language and we are working on that," said Parker. "Right now we have foreign languages offered from K-2 last year, we're adding a third grade this year so it's gonna be K-3 this year and certainly we offer it grades 8-12."

Parker says eventually, Madison would like to close the gap and bring foreign language to all students K-12. Lastly, Parker says they want to work on providing more opportunities for students who do not plan on attending a traditional college.

"We want to do a better job at offering them some not just blue collar opportunities, but 'new collar' opportunities," said Parker.