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Room-temperature meat, mold, and backed-up drain fluid in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

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Taqueria El Paisa     Score: 78

1701 Central Parkway, Suite M, Decatur


  • No paper towels or drying devices in the kitchen
  • Sliced tomatoes held at a temperature of 46 degrees
  • Meat sitting out at a temperature of 100 degrees


Store N Deli     Score: 78     

119 North Cedar Street, Florence


  • Various toxic items stored over single-service paper hand towels - 3 day notice
  • Hand sinks inaccessible, fryer lid in kitchen hand sink, cooler racks blocking front hand sink
  • Mold on fountain heads - 10 day notice
  • Food contact surfaces not smooth, not easily cleaned, pitted and chipped - 3 day notice


Sonic Drive-In     Score: 87

2120 Sparkman Drive, Huntsville


  • Water was backing up into the establishment from the floor drain


Clean Plate Recommendation:

Sushi with Gusto     Score: 99

4800 Whitesburg Dr., Huntsville