HCS board member takes to social media to express Durham bus concerns

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - As the second day of school has now ended for Huntsville City Schools, the concern over its bus company has not.

School board member, Pam Hill, decided to make her Facebook page a discussion place regarding issues with Durham School Services.

Hill took to Facebook regarding one of our stories. She made a post asking "Who is surprised Channel 19's lead story on the first day of school is about Durham bus failures?"

Several parents responded with their concerns, mostly about early and late buses.

Pam Hill responded to someone indicating that Superintendent Matt Akin told her she couldn't present a bus proposal to the board. She went on to say parents could speak loudly about their bus complaints.

She also added that every parent with bus issues should call, email, or go in person to communicate problems to the superintendent.

WHNT reached out to Hill numerous times on Wednesday. We wanted to ask her about these posts, and to have her further explain her stance regarding Durham School Services. Hill has not responded as of late Wednesday evening.

Huntsville City Schools wouldn't comment on Hill's posts but did say the most effective way to file a complaint is through the school district website.

"We do want them to use that comment form that's on our website on the transportation page. That will put it in the data base, and collectively if we notice that there are several with one bus route, then that will make it bubble to the surface so that we can look at that closer," said Huntsville City Schools spokesman, Keith Ward.