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TAKING ACTION: Caught on Camera! Accused dognapper snatches beloved pet from home

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Cheryl Porter of Huntsville believes her dog was taken from the yard outside her home, and she wants your help to find him.

"He's eight years old. A bundle of joy," she said. "I got him when he was just six weeks old."

Her loves runs deep.

"He's just like a child to me," she laughed.

But she hasn't seen him all week. She said he went missing on July 30 around 7:00 a.m. at her apartment at Rockledge Place. She said she had walked him and hooked him to a long leash outside her back porch.

When she came back to check, "I pulled the chain and said, 'Come on, Kahlua!' And he wasn't on there," she said.

Porter said she immediately took a walk around the neighborhood to try to find him, and she didn't see him. She even enlisted the help of a police officer.

"He helped me look, which was very nice," she said. "He spent at least an hour with me helping me look for him."

Friends and neighbors have come together to help Porter. Her neighbor's camera caught some video that she said reveals what happened to her beloved Kahlua.

"My baby was playing at first, over in his area. And over to the corner you see a guy sitting on the ground by a tree," she explained about the video. "At some point he reaches behind him. He looks like he was trying to play with him. But Kahlua, being the dog he is, he doesn't want you to touch him for too long. He'll run away. The guy reaches behind his back," she said, noting the man took hold of her dog. "He looks around again, the guy does, and sees if anybody is looking at him and he takes off.

"I was heartbroken," she said of the moment she saw the video. "It is heartbreaking for someone to come to your property to take something that's yours."

Huntsville Police said an investigator is now on the case, working it as a theft. A spokesman said they had no leads as of Thursday, but the case continues.

Porter turned to WHNT News 19 to ask for your help.

"Please contact someone or anyone to bring my dog home," she said. "If something happens and he doesn't come home, but you happen to know this person, contact someone so it doesn't happen to somebody else," she said.

Porter said Kahlua is a five-pound Pomeranian with blonde and white fur and freckles on his stomach.  If you see him, call Huntsville Police at 256-722-7100.

"I think every night he's probably like, where's my mommy," she said.

Porter's neighbors are also concerned for Kahlua.

"It's disheartening. It's scary. These dogs are our kids. They're family," said Adam Richard, who walks his dog Molly around the same complex. "Kahlua and Molly were friends, so this is a bummer for her too."

He said Molly is blind, so he's more of her "seeing-eye-person," he joked. He knows Molly won't be out of his sight for that reason. But he said this may be the start of a greater neighborly effort to take care of one another.

"We're going to have to pay extra close attention to each other's dogs now," he said. "A community watch kind of thing."

Porter has placed signs around her complex at Rockledge Place to find Kahlua.

"He's just my baby. I'm not going to give up," she said.