Addicts For Christ wants to open a recovery home in the city of Rainsville

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RAINSVILLE, Ala. - Addicts for Christ is trying to open a recovery home for women called "The Father's House." The 12 month program will introduce and cultivate several life skills, as well as a life serving Christ.

"It's truly allowing them a place to be a productive member of society, to be a mom again, to be a daughter again, you know to see their dreams come true," says Katina Blanchett, founder and director.

Through her own experiences, Katina Blanchett says opening "The Father's House" is a part of her duty. "I was a 13-year meth addict, also an alcoholic," says Blanchett.  "Finding the hope, finding the healing, finding the restoration from addiction that I found and just wanting to share that with those that are still struggling."

With the location of the father's house being in an R2, or single family area, they must go through the process of getting the area re-zoned. First up is a public hearing.

"Any questions that the community has, I just really want to invite you to come to the hearing. You're welcome to come. Your voice will be heard." Their goal is to educate those in the area about what Addicts for Christ will offer.

"I think a lot of the community don't understand that a bunch of raging drugs addicts are not going to live in the home. It's women, it's mothers, it's daughters that are seeking more in life. They want to be restored."

All they ask is for the support of their community.  The public hearing with the zoning committee is set for August 14th at 5 p.m. at the Tom Bevill Enrichment Center.

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