2017 CAFY event shows support for Madison County youth

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -- Today was the 7th anniversary of the annual Madison County Community Awareness For Youth event. The event aims to give Madison County youth a chance to come together for a day of fun, but also showcases the local resources at their disposal, that can help set them up for success.

To Harry Hobbs, the CAFY event founder, it's a chance to bring together the entire Madison County community for a "Kumbaya" moment.

"To where the young folks can see we care about them. And we're not just saying it. We're showing it, by giving them the resources, and giving them the information they need to become successful," he explained.

Chandler Foster is a long time CAFY volunteer. He said he loves seeing the kids who come to the event get involved in extracurricular activities they might find there.

"It allows them to kind of focus their time, and kind of get their interests moving. It helps them kind of direct their lives a little bit," said Foster.

The 2017 CAFY event puts the focus on back to school, because organizers know it can be very expensive for families.

"Through our director Mr. Kenny Anderson working with the Durham Bus Company, and with our volunteer force in this community, we were able to get  almost 700 book bags filled up that we're going to give away in this building today," Hobbs explained.

Hobbs said they wanted to provide the basics like backpacks, pencils, and paper. "Because as you know in life, if you've got the basics then you can succeed," he said.

He said the event aims to help set up the youth with CAFY's four pillars of success: health, education, careers, and finance, in a fun atmosphere.

"We can learn together, we can play together, and then these young folks can realize that they're in a great community and so there's no reason that they shouldn't succeed," Hobbs said.