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LIFE Resource Services of Jackson County hosted a Back-to-School Bash to raise funds

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. - LIFE Resource Services of Jackson County is a seasonal program to help the homeless in the area. "In the winter time the homeless don't really have a place to go," says Vernita Johnson. "This organization helps with feeding, clothing and giving them shelter during those winter months."

Last year, LIFE assisted 36 people with a lot more than just a warm place to rest. "Whether it was housing, emergency food stamps, some had jobs. We also had some transition to other homes and other individuals and from there they worked on getting them housing," says Josh Sherlin, director of LIFE.

With the winter months approaching, LIFE hosted a back-to-school bash for middle school students to raise funds for this winter.

"The 7th and 8th graders got their schedules and lockers yesterday, so they're excited about getting together discussing school and just have a place to get together," explained Johnson. "They don't get to do that around here. They don't have a place to get together and socialize, so they're excited about it."

The goal was to not only get the kids out and having fun, but to also have LIFE open a little longer than just the winter months.

"Our main thing is that once we open back up, that we'll be stable enough to not have to close back down," says Sherlin.