Fort Payne Pediatrics raises money for children in DeKalb County’s DHR program

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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. -  A Fort Payne organization is working to make sure a new back to school wardrobe for school is easily accessible for all. "We see a lot of foster children here and we know that these kids struggle with daily life as is," says Danielle Blalock of Fort Payne Pediatrics.

They want to help these foster children by getting them ready for the new school year. "I'm sure you can remember when you were going to school how exciting it was to pick out your own first day back to school outfit," says Blalock.

With the help of DHR, Fort Payne Pediatrics wants to provide every child in the foster program money for new back to school clothes. "Each foster parent gets their monthly stipend. Beyond that they don't really get any other assistance."

They have a total of 51 children to help. "Send us a monetary donation or if they would be more comfortable donating us supplies, those can also be given to DeKalb County DHR," says Blalock.

The goal is to give at least $200 to each child. "A lot of these children have only ever had hand me downs or things that someone else has purchased for them."

You have until August 1st to make a donation to either location.