Madison County Chairman Dale Strong speaks on the possibility of minor league baseball back in the area

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -- WHNT News 19 first brought you the news of a possible minor league baseball team and stadium coming to Madison last week.  In an exclusive interview with WHNT News 19 Wednesday, Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong confirmed the interest and offered new insight into the possibilities.

If you live in the Madison County Area, you might be able to enjoy a minor league baseball game, in a brand new stadium, once again. If the project moves forward, Chairman Strong said it could happen sooner than you might think.

"This will be something that will occur very rapidly, and if it does occur, it will be open real soon," he said.

They've tried it before, and there are concerns about whether a minor league team in the Madison County area will yield a return on investment. Strong said they're taking that into consideration.

"A minor league baseball stadium has about 70 ball games a year. But you've got to utilize that stadium more than 70 events a year. So that's what I think is being evaluated, how to maximize, how to be sure," he explained.

He said this possibility reflects what the community is asking for, more local opportunities. Strong thinks this venue could do that.

"Every time we provide an opportunity for someone to spend their dollars here that eliminates them going to Nashville, Birmingham, and Atlanta to spend. So I think it's in many cases, a good expenditure of money," said Strong.

And it's more than just baseball. It's creating a family-friendly, social space, for people of all ages to have fun. But, Strong said ultimately it's up to the people, and that's who he's for. Regardless of what city it's in.

"That will come back to the people that reside in that city, their city council, their mayor, to determine what is best.  If that's in Madison I support it. If that's in Huntsville, I support it," he explained.