Hollywood Police Department take fire precautions during the water shortage

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HOLLYWOOD, Ala. - For the City of Hollywood, having little to no water during their shortage was more than just an inconvenience. It was also a public safety concern, especially for the local fire department.

When Hollywood's Fire Chief Patrick Allen heard about the water shortage, he immediately turned his attention to making sure his department had a back up plan ready to go. "That's when I went into action, letting our guys know about the mutual aid agreements we have with other fire departments," Allen told us.

The Hollywood Fire Department made these agreements with neighboring entities, just in case they need extra equipment. "Stevenson is one of them," explained Chief Allen. "They have a 3,000 gallon tanker, if we need them we'll be calling them. That's why we sign a mutual aid agreements."

They even have extra man power if needed. "Fackler, they're automatic aids. So if there is any kind of fire, they're going to be coming anyways."

Although a lack of water during fire emergencies can cause concern, Chief Allen says situations like the one in Hollywood are expected. "Any town is going to have a water shortage. It happens. You got your water lines that break or like that pump station their pumps went down. That's just part of life."

He says all they can do is prepare.

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