Update: Two injured after early morning shooting in Morgan County

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a double shooting. They believe it happened at a mobile home park on Springfield Drive in Somerville.

Around 12:30 Monday morning, the victims in the shooting were driven to the Priceville volunteer fire station on New Center Road. Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin said there are at least six to eight people involved in the shooting.

She said most of them have a criminal background. Sheriff Franklin said none of the people involved called 911 to report the shootings. She said the two victims were driven to two separate locations. One of those places was The Priceville Volunteer Fire Station. This was when deputies were called out.

One female injured in the shooting was taken to Decatur Morgan Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Another gunshot victim was rushed to Huntsville Hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Officers did recover multiple weapons from the mobile home, including a shotgun they believe was used to shoot the two victims. Sheriff Franklin said they also recovered drugs.

Police found a convicted felon inside the home, who is not supposed to be around or in possession of weapons.  Sheriff Franklin said right now they are still investigating the shooting. No one has been charged for anything just yet.

We will update you with more information as soon as it becomes available.